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Humble Indie Bundle #4 Is A Humble Success

Yet another Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close. After a little over 2 weeks of sales and some rough spots along the way, it has broken many of its own records. Let’s take a look at the final stats:

Humble Indie Bundle #4 stats
Humble Indie Bundle #4 Stats

Prior to this bundle, the Humble Indie Bundle #3 held all the records for total payments and unit purchases, $2,167,591.10 and 372,346 respectively. Bundle #4 also saw the highest individual contributions yet of any bundle. The prior record holder was from Bundle #2 with a highest contribution of $6,132.96.

While the record for the average price paid for these games is still held by Bundle #1 in all categories, there has been a huge increase in other aspects which is the much more important than those stats. However we can still see that Linux and Mac buyers are far more generous with their donations than Windows users. however, I would still like to see a mean price paid for all categories just to get a better idea of the true nature of spending.

One other stat of note, that holds kind of a personal note for me, is that Linux users only made up roughly 15% of total payments. This is the weakest showing yet of Linux gamers. Linux users usually have a better showing than that, but it is still a significant portion of the buying public. Of course it could also have been a bit lopsided because of the Steam riggers in the article linked above. Of course it is hard to tell based off this information. With even this in mind, it should help to persuade other PC game developers to port their games to Linux and Mac as well. It can be done and be quite profitable.

All that said, I look forward to the next bundle of games that will come. There are still tons of great indie games available to buy and many of them could use the exposure that a Humble Bundle can bring. So I say, let’s bring it.

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