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The XBox One Comes With A Steep Price Attached

XBone Will Cost $500 and your Soul

Microsoft had their big E3 press event and showed off a ton of neat looking games for its upcoming console. But there was one announcement that knocked everyone off their feet. The price. This console will cost you a grand total of $500, or 500 of your European currency of choice. That is right. Microsoft has entered Sony PS3 pricing territory. This price will most likely knock the XBox One off most gamers’ shopping lists.

But that is not all of it. Not only are you shelling out $500 out of the gate for this console, you will also have to spend $5 a month on XBox Live to access any of the features. To add further insult to injury, Microsoft has also announced that game publishers will have the ability to lock out or tax used game sales. That means if you want to sell off your games, there will be a tax involved for the person buying them. There are all kinds of crazy restrictions on this thing. These restrictions have pretty much killed the rental industry and will most likely kill off used sales for it.

You will also be required to check in every 24 hours in order to keep playing your games. If you don’t have an internet connection or your ISP or even Microsoft has downtime longer than that, you can forget playing games. They will not work at all if the One cannot call home.

So there you have it. $500 and your freedom and a $5 a month surcharge for this lovely promise of bigger and better gaming. Are you worth it?

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