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Gamers More Likely To Consider Themselves Independent And Support A Variety Of Policies Based On Free Choice

Originally posted on Game Politics

It might not come to a big surprise for many of you, but gamers are less likely to be conservative than non-gamers and more likely to use products and services that many politicians want banned.

The two most recent Reason-Rupe polls show that gamers are more likely to consider themselves independent in their political views. The polls show that 55% of frequent gamers consider themselves independent while 30% consider themselves Democratic and 15% Republican.

The polls also show that gamers support a wide variety of activities and products including buying energy drinks (84%), online gambling (71%), legalizing marijuana (62%) and using Bitcoin (55%). Of all the listed activities on the poll, the only notable exception to this is with 3D printed guns. Only 42% of gamers support the printing of guns at home.

Gamers also have a less favorable view of the police actions than non-gamers. 72% of gamers feel that giving the police drones and military equipment goes too far. Additionally, 63% of gamers feel that the police are not properly held accountable for their actions.

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