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Comcast Wants You To Be Amazed That Offline Games Have No Lag On Xfinity Service

Originally posted on Game Politics

We have all had problems with lag. That annoying phenomenon that results in your character continuing to run on your screen but standing perfectly still, and thus a sitting duck, on the screens of your opponents. However, there is one place we don’t normally see lag, games without an online component.

Comcast is hoping that the gamers they are targeting with their latest Xfinity advertising campaign don’t know that. In what appears to be a booth at a mall, they pull in gamers to ask if they experience lag and then have them try a game. The ever so helpful Comcast salesman asks the gamers if they notice any buffering, to which the gamers reply they don’t. Why? Because they are playing Trials Fusion by Ubisoft, a game with no online mode.

Mr. Comcast gets the gamers playing Trials Fusion. The game is indeed a shiny new title, released on PC and for the major gaming consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) just a few weeks ago. The motorcycle tricks-and-racing game launched to generally positive reviews that lauded its mechanics and features. But reviewers also mentioned one notable feature that the game does not have: an online multiplayer mode.

No online mode, no net connection. No network connection, no network lag.

“Do you notice any buffering?” Mr. Comcast then asks.

The gamers happily reply that they do not!

So I guess the moral of this story is, if you don’t want your offline games to lag, then get Xfinity. Else, get the best, or most likely only, option for high speed internet in your area.

Source – Reddit via Consumerist via Techdirt

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