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Month: May 2017

Molehill Mountain Episode 49 – Mario Kart Needs More Road Rage

This week, Nintendo made a reasonable localization decision. I know, we were surprised too!

28:17 – Nintendo replaces obscene gesture in Mario Kart 8

34:26 – No Destiny 2 on Switch because the game is online-only

39:52 – World of Tank devs are using copyright in order to censor harsh criticism

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Molehill Mountain Episode 48 – Andrew Is a Sick, Sick Man

The show must go on, horrible allergy attack be damned!

1:45 – The pros and cons of Bethesda’s Prey demo

8:41 – Bethesda still thinks trademarks mean you own words

18:36 – Greybox adds OST to physical version of RIME to justify higher price. Digital version will be cheaper, but not in Australia.

25:22 – Square Enix says bye-bye to Hitman dev IO Interactive

35:11 – Remedy’s Alan Wake to be delisted in wake of expiring music licenses

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Molehill Mountain Episode 47 – Bad At Bayonetta

Zachary has returned!

0:13 – Zachary’s adventures at Super Bitcon

16:28 – Andrew sucks at Bayonetta

28:20 – What do we think about ARMS and the rumored Rabbids X Mario game?

33:50 – Nintendo details DLC pack 1 for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

45:18 – What did we think of the trailer for The Defenders?

54:03 – What did we think of the reveal of The Inhumans?

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Molehill Mountain Episode 46 – Bandai Namco Fears PETA

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of game developers like a potential complaint from PETA and its ilk.

Oh, by the by, it’s another Andrew solo show! ¬†Yay?

2:00 – Announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL

15:15 – Super Bomberman R doubles frame rate by halving resolution

24:00 – Atlus updates Persona 5 streaming guidelines

31:06 – Kangaroo character cut from Tekken 7 due to fear of animal activists

As is often the case, the last hour of the show is simply chatting with the viewers about this and that.

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