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Molehill Mountain Episode 70 – DLC You In Hell

Sorry I’m so late posting this but I spent all week editing a new YouTube video.  Anyway, in this episode (the title of which I’m immature enough to be super proud of!) we discuss the evils of DLC in all its most insidious forms from microtransactions to loot boxes.

42:15 – IGN buys Humble Bundle. Conflict of interest?

54:15 – The EVILS of DLC!!!

1:39:05 – The ESRB says loot boxes aren’t gambling

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

12:58 PMAndreas ProtopapasUnfortunately it will be 5am over here when it starts so cannot join you guys once again.

1:05 PMAndrew EisenSorry to hear that. Hope you enjoy the replay!

1:14 PMjordan thompsonI would make a 70 joke but what’s funny about 70, I feel like there’s a number surrounding 70 that’s funny but for the life of me can’t remember, well I’ve been gone for a week what’d I miss

1:21 PMAndrew EisenWe talked about what games might be one a hypothetical N64 Classic Edition. Nothing you’d find interesting.

1:31 PMAndreas ProtopapasAlways! Thanks

6:45 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:04 PMCecil475Hello

7:07 PMeathdemontwitter/BlackRiddles/status/918816246782709762 never heard of the game, but the revealed crossplay pc, xb1, and switch. good on them for that. hope more do it

7:08 PMeathdemonit gets flag if I leave it as a long

7:08 PMpandaz worldsup

7:09 PMeathdemonthe news, atleast to me isd it includes switch

7:09 PMeathdemonit was fortnight

7:11 PMScottyJayManAre pants the enemy?

7:11 PMeathdemonread your twitter feed, yes play nier automata its my current goty.

7:13 PMeathdemonit has, but it takes time/money to do it

7:18 PMjordan thompsonoh no are we talking cult, sorry im late having a rough day

7:20 PMCecil475Chucky on the Mooooooooooooon!!

7:21 PMjordan thompsoni wanna see a prequal about how charles lee ray got into voodoo, and a non canon spin off about the original screenplay “batteries not included”

7:21 PMeathdemonthe nightmare on elm street stuff has always been weird to me, why not leave the town. seems like he is trapped their

7:23 PMSeakkennedYea Cult of Chucky was good

7:24 PMSeakkennedAutomaton

7:24 PMeathdemon3 times. though 3 3rd time of playing it, its 100% different game

7:24 PMeathdemonthe enamies for the most part are 1950s scifi

7:24 PMeathdemonenemies

7:27 PMeathdemonits the first area of the game

7:27 PMeathdemonthe demo is

7:29 PMeathdemonup 2b is a android

7:29 PMeathdemonyup

7:29 PMjordan thompsonhumans are irritating, i forgot about the stream, just needed to get out but ive seen all the movies ive wanted to see so i watched my little pony the movie, and they say the godfather is legendary

7:30 PMGasKanOnFireSwitch update please. BTW there are more demos in e-shop.

7:31 PMeathdemonyes its square

7:31 PMeathdemonits a yoko taro game, its very hard to market

7:32 PMSeakkennedTell us about what your doing in Stardew Valley right now.

7:43 PMeathdemonits fine if its not for you

7:48 PMeathdemonI do not have high hopes for this sadly. buy outs almost never end well

7:52 PMeathdemonps this isnt ign’s first go at this. direct2drive was ign owned, and it failed, so

7:53 PMeathdemonfox used to own ign

7:53 PMeathdemonnewscorp to be exact

7:56 PMeathdemonI hope, they wont, stick with the name

7:57 PMGasKanOnFiretbey qweeted a pic of bravely defalt w. octo p t

7:57 PMeathdemonI ment I hope they do, I am saying they wont

7:58 PMGasKanOnFireplaying splatoon and on phone

8:00 PMeathdemonmost aceptable fore me is cosmetics, than cosmetic loot boxs for mp only

8:00 PMeathdemonacceptable

8:00 PMeathdemonfor

8:01 PMeathdemonleast acceptable p2w dlc in mp

8:03 PMSeakkenned​[message retracted]

8:04 PMeathdemonnot if you listen to the esrb lol

8:04 PMSeakkennedThe Witcher III is an example of good dlc,that was like getting a whole new game.

8:04 PMAndrew EisenYeah, we’ll talk about that in a bit.

8:05 PMGasKanOnFiremartio kart 8 wiiu was pretty good

8:08 PMSeakkennedEvery game now has three different versions you can buy now,$60,$100 and $120 steel book editions.

8:10 PMGasKanOnFiremmmmm. The good old days of horse armor. XD

8:10 PMFreaKillBuying potions sounds like buying cheatcodes.

8:16 PMSeakkennedThe Champions Ballad

8:17 PMGasKanOnFiretotally bought it.

8:20 PMSeakkennedSo does Shadow of War,the GameStop guy was really trying hard to get me to buy it.

8:23 PMGasKanOnFireBaseball cards. The original loot box.

8:25 PMeathdemonI am ok wit cosmetic loot boxs

8:25 PMFreaKillAnd if you didn’t like the cards you can sell them, since they’re actual things that you own.

8:25 PMeathdemonwith

8:26 PMeathdemonoverwatch style

8:26 PMeathdemonyup ow is 100% looks

8:27 PMeathdemonbetter than selling maps/heroes and breaking apart your playerbase

8:27 PMeathdemonfor overwatch

8:35 PMeathdemondid you see the skullgirls dlc kickstarter from a few years back. adding 1 fighter costs way more than you think

8:37 PMeathdemonit isnt just making 1 figher, its rebalance all other fights around it

8:38 PMeathdemonyour forgeting less than 20% buy dlc. if 100% bought dlc you would be right andrew

8:41 PMGreen KeeI want ur voice to rock me to sleep

8:42 PMeathdemonthats thing, fr the most part it isnt price. the vas majority doesnt care about buying dlc at all regardless of price

8:47 PMeathdemonall games with them should just be taged as having lootboxs

8:48 PMeathdemon“games contains random lootboxs”

8:48 PMeathdemonfor a good tag idea

8:52 PMeathdemonfeel good news story of the week, cuphead has sold over 1 million coppies

8:53 PMeathdemonyup its gun star heroes. its also on steam

8:53 PMeathdemonand runs on a toaster

8:53 PMeathdemonits 3 hits and your dead

8:55 PMeathdemonthe soundtrack of cuphead it amazing by the way

8:55 PMeathdemonfor real go listen to it

8:55 PMSeakkennedI’ve only beat Contra III

8:57 PMFreaKillSo I’ve looked into Skullgirls DLC and the new characters come at 2 bucks apiece. The kickstarter was about them coming out at all and not the eventual price that customers have pay.

8:57 PMGasKanOnFirekonami code? i dont need no konami code. . . . i got game genie!

8:58 PMFreaKillAnd according to wikipedia the characters were free for three months when they came out.

8:58 PMAndrew EisenInteresting. I’ll have to read up on that later.

8:59 PMAndrew EisenLove the art in that game!

9:00 PMGasKanOnFiresame here.

9:01 PMSeakkennedI wanna try Nioh

9:04 PMSeakkennedWhat’s the first Switch game your going to buy?

9:08 PMGasKanOnFiregg

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