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Molehill Mountain Episode 77 – The Uncanny Gally

Here’s what we think about some of the things we think about.

13:53 – Here’s what we think about The Game Awards

39:53 – Here’s what we think about the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

48:33 – Here’s what we think about the trailer for Alita: Battle Angle and Gally’s enormous eyes

54:38 – Here’s what we think about the trailer for Mega Man 11

1:02:44 – Here’s what we think about the trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

1:09:32 – Here’s what we think about the announcement of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:50 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:00 PMRyan SteeleGreetings!

7:02 PMScottyJayManHi guys. I get anoyyed You can’t pause in Dark Souls

7:08 PMeathdemonI have been playing legend of heroes trails of cold steel the last few weeks, and now I know why so manny people give nothing but praise for the LoH games

7:14 PMeathdemonif you want to run a item shop go play Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale lol

7:17 PMeathdemonneir got robbed in best narrative

7:17 PMTrilinkhey guys

7:18 PMeathdemonalso wareframe got robbed in best on going game, otherwise good

7:22 PMeathdemonbayo 3 . good on Nintendo for funding it, but f sega for not funding it

7:23 PMTrilink​[message retracted]

7:24 PMTrilinkBayo 3 was a nice surprise, especially since we talked about it last week

7:25 PMeathdemonking’s field is my guess from From software

7:26 PMeathdemonsame as fire watch my guess walking sim

7:27 PMTrilink​[message retracted]

7:29 PMTrilink​[message retracted]

7:29 PMSuperMetalDave64Death Stranding looks like it’s a mix of Alien and 2001 a Space Odyssey at least in terms of what I noticed. The gameplay though is a total mystery

7:30 PMTrilinkNo gameplay shown even by the third trailer , was immensely disappointed can’t buy a game if I don’t know how it will play ;/

7:30 PMSusanne ChristHI DAVE!!!

7:31 PMSusanne Christhope you had a great weekend!

7:31 PMSuperMetalDave64You too Susanne

7:31 PMSuperMetalDave64yeah don’t ignore Andrew lol

7:33 PMSusanne ChristHi Andrew!

7:34 PMSuperMetalDave64LOL

7:34 PMTrilinkThink its safe to say that Bayonetta 3 will be released in October 2019 as that’s the franchise’s 10th anniversary

7:34 PMSuperMetalDave64I think you are correct Trilink

7:35 PMSuperMetalDave64they said that Bayonetta 3 was just now in development with no gameplay, so I imagine 2018 would be too soon

7:35 PMeathdemonI am glad they are funding it but 1 game isnt like the others, aka bayo 3 is very not family freindly

7:36 PMTrilinkBayonetta games usually take 2-3 years to make

7:38 PMeathdemonby the sounds of it, it isnt worth it,

7:38 PMeathdemonits just 20 new shrines

7:38 PMScottyJayManAndrew will you be playing any of the monster hunter world beta this weekend?

7:40 PMeathdemonits a demo

7:40 PMeathdemonits too close to release to be a real beta

7:41 PMTrilinkyou may be waiting a while Andrew for Nintendo games to drop in price

7:49 PMeathdemonsiprised redbox is still around

7:51 PMTrilinkDinosaurs make everything better, just look at Mario Odyssey

7:51 PMeathdemonsurprised

7:55 PMTrilinkdid either of you guys catch the Psych Movie ?

7:55 PMeathdemoncan live action Hollywood version of anime just go away….. go far far away

7:59 PMeathdemonI am alone, but my fav mega man games are the battle network games

8:00 PMTrilinkHas Hollywood ever done a good and faithful adaption of a Japanese/foreign film or liiterature?

8:01 PMeathdemonnope never, and they never will

8:01 PMSeakkennedThe Outlast games are coming to the switch now to.

8:03 PMeathdemonsafe bet for $8 bucks each

8:03 PMmcmasonsfan?

8:04 PMScottyJayManI’m so excited The Lecacy collection is coming to switch

8:04 PMTrilinkdon’t give Capcom any ideas man

8:09 PMTrilinkdid you guys catch the story that talked about a study that found that Super Mario 64 increased the hippocampus of its participant’s?

8:09 PMTrilinkpersonally I think you could make a similar argument for most games increasing certain areas of brain activity

8:12 PMScottyJayManWait, did you say Spider Pig from the Simpsons?

8:17 PMScottyJayManWell Disney will soon own fox movie studio andbtv

8:25 PMTrey HolmesI dont like the Villains in Agents of shield

8:30 PMaddictedtochaosHi everyone

8:30 PMTrey Holmessup

8:35 PMaddictedtochaosThat is DC

8:35 PMTrey Holmesi would like to see Gambit from Xmen get a tv show

8:37 PMVhyper1985Think we need to see a live action Bucky O’ Hare movie/series ?

8:38 PMaddictedtochaosI want a new Captain Power

8:39 PMScottyJayManAs I said before Disney might be buying Foxes film and tv studios

8:40 PMaddictedtochaosIt almost certainly will they want X-Men bad

8:41 PMScottyJayManWhat, don’t you want to see Hulk fighting Peter griffin?

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