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Month: April 2018

Molehill Mountain Episode 95 – Do I Look Like I’m Made of Cardboard?

Cardboard is expensive, yo!

0:10 – Andrew really, really doesn’t like baby Haruto in Yakuza 6

17:26 – Let’s talk about marijuana. ‘Cause why not?

32:21 – New Call of Duty rumored to drop the single player campaign. It is not rumored to drop the price.

52:52 – Nintendo Labo is super cool but super overpriced!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 94 – Peeps Are Gross

They’re selling “Pancakes & Syrup” flavored Peeps. I’m not kidding.

1:53 – Andrew reads his first romance novel!

29:24 – Shenmue has earned it’s place in history but the games are honestly not very good

46:29 – FTC tells Sony, Nintendo and others that they can’t void customer warranties by removing stickers or using third-party services/parts

54:51 – Steam’s privacy changes kill Steam Spy service

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Molehill Mountain Episode 93 – Costume DLC Done Right!

See? Andrew doesn’t hate all DLC!

11:29 – EZK finally saw The Last Jedi. We discuss.

46:30 – Famitsu poll: What to westerners like about Japanese games? Boobs!

56:57 – Wayforward does costume DLC right with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

1:06:33 – WB walks back loot boxes over half a year after it releases Shadow of War. Appears to want a cookie

1:18:12 – ESA joins the fight to save net neutrality

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Molehill Mountain Episode 92 – Satisfactory Saturday

Yesterday was Good Friday so…

19:15 – Gal*Gun 2 DLC gets weird translation error

28:37 – Lindsay Lohan’s GTA5 lawsuit thrown out by NY appeals court (yeah, this was STILL a thing…)

35:35 – What do we think of Fortnight and PUBG?

41:34 – Ubisoft finally avoids Vivendi’s hostile takeover attempts

1:01:04 – FXX cancels Deadpool cartoon

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