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Molehill Mountain Episode 8 – The Lonesome EZK

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      Hey folks, E. Zachary Knight here. Andrew is off in the middle of nowhere where the internet is considered black magic and you can be burned as a witc
      [See the full post at: Molehill Mountain Episode 8 – The Lonesome EZK]

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      Nice job with your first solo-hosting, EZK! Sorry the turn-out was low, though – sadly, timezone differences get in the way for me; I can’t easily stay up to 3-4am here for the podcast.

      One other Youtube channel it sounds like you might be interested in is PBS Game/Show, which sadly just ended its run. What’s there is generally pretty good though. (Sorry I can’t link – my comment gets flagged as spam when I do.)

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      Yeah, I watched that channel for a while. It was pretty good. I didn’t even notice that they stopped releasing videos though. Shame.

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      They stopped a couple months ago, and then put up a farewell video (using only old footage) just last week, so a lot of people were left wondering what had happened. The host said on the show’s subreddit that he felt the show had run its course, and he’d said all he wanted to say, so I guess far be it for me to insist he keep at it if he feels he wants to move on.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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