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Tag: 3D

Molehill Mountain Episode 12 – Andrew’s Back!

Not only is Andrew back to grace you all with his dubious presence but you can also find audio versions of the last four EZK-hosted episodes of Molehill Mountain on iTunes.  Yay!

  • 0:29 – Andrew talks about his vacation and Batman v Superman
  • 19:00 – Andrew tries not to fall asleep during a discussion of Pokemon GO
  • 29:13 – We send Samus some anniversary love because Nintendo can’t be bothered (we know it’s a weekend but still…)
  • 31:31 – Nintendo still hasn’t figured out this global thing. NES Classic Mini available for pre-order in UK but not US
  • 41:31 – Sony’s baffling decision to not market Ghostbusters’ super cool 3D presentation
  • 52:10 – Fans often throw fits over reviews of movies that aren’t out yet. This time it’s Suicide Squad

Ghostbusters’ nifty 3D gimmick that Sony didn’t advertise

Ghostbusters 3D“Would you like to see the 3D presentation of Ghostbusters?” my mom asked as we headed to pick up our tickets for an opening night screening of the new film.

“Nah,” I said.  “I like 3D just fine but not enough to justify an extra $4 on the already absurd ticket prices.”  (What can I say?  I’m cheap.)

If I’d only known…