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Tag: Bad Journalism

Molehill Mountain Episode 68 – Andrew Is a Hating Hater Who Hates

Seriously, what’s with that guy?

33:17 – Andrew opines that game journalists who were confused by the Wii U were lying or terrible at their jobs

42:05 – Senran Kagura producer wants to make a game that appeals to women

46:25 – What is and is not clickbait?

51:50 – What is and is not hyperbole?

54:30 – Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist appears to be full-blown bad guy with no redeeming qualities. How does that compare to previous protagonists of Rockstar Games?

1:05:55 – New Mummy video game movie tie-in seems to have nothing to do with the movie is’s tied-in to.

1:18:28 – Andrew talk a bit about the Project Octopath Traveler demo.

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No Sega Isn’t Firing Back At Nintendo’s Retro NES

Sega Classic Game Console released in 2014After Nintendo’s announcement two weeks ago on the retro NES Classic console, people woke up to the idea of classic gaming in the modern age on reproduction consoles. This week, stories started circulating that Sega is now firing back at Nintendo by not only releasing a retro Genesis console, but also a handheld. They make this claim by pointing out the release of a Sonic 25th Anniversary Sega portable with built in games.

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