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With the XBone, Lack Of Talking Was Not The Problem

XBone: Our PR Disasters Are Your Pain

The XBone has not had a very smooth ride at all since it was announced. At the time of its announcement, a lot of features and complications were announced and it left the masses with a huge “Huh?!” face. In the time between that original announcement and the E3 press event, the waters were muddied even more and people were even more confused. At E3, that confusion was topped with a $500 cherry. And all went to pieces for Microsoft.

After Sony blasted them and the press declared the XBone DOA, Microsoft quickly did an about face and returned to the status quo and all was fine in the world. At least that is what Microsoft hopes.

But what did Microsoft learn from all this? What lesson was there to be had from this massive PR disaster? According to Microsoft’s┬áchief product officer Marc Whitten, the lesson is that they didn’t talk enough.

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