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Tag: Nimble Quest

Ouya Review: Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest by Nimblebit

Over the last week, a lot of Ouya developers have been sharing their sales stats with the media. One such developer is Nimblebit and its Ouya game Nimble Quest. Nimblebit has been talking with the media and sharing some really low sales figures. It has said that it had only sold 122 copies of its game for a grand total of $427. While Nimblebit is not displeased with the Ouya, many other developers are trying to paint this is a reason why others should avoid the console. However, I posit that the reason why Nimble Quest hasn’t sold well is because of two reasons. 1) It just isn’t that great of a game. 2) It makes it near impossible to figure out how to buy it.

Nimble Quest is a snake game with RPG elements mixed in. In classic snake, you had to guide a growing snake around the play area, gobbling up food and growing each time you did. If you ran into yourself or the edge of the screen, you lost. Nimble Quest is very similar, but instead of a snake, you are a party of heroes with various abilities and strengths. Instead of eating food, you fight monsters. Instead of growing when eating food, you add additional heroes to your line as you advance. Everything else is the same.

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