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Tag: Nintendo Labo

Molehill Mountain Episode 96 – Bacon Is Overrated

Kiwi is underrated.

14:39 – Nintendo notices its board of directors is a sausage fest

28:48 – UPS has an awesome idea for a Nintendo Labo product

33:25 – Firewatch devs acquired by Valve

45:45 – Quantic Dream sues media over unflattering reporting

51:45 – Epic still moving forward with its lawsuit against a 14-year-old Fortnight cheater

1:01:28 – CIA training games were released through a FOIA request and Techdirt decided to Kickstart a game based on one of them

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Molehill Mountain Episode 95 – Do I Look Like I’m Made of Cardboard?

Cardboard is expensive, yo!

0:10 – Andrew really, really doesn’t like baby Haruto in Yakuza 6

17:26 – Let’s talk about marijuana. ‘Cause why not?

32:21 – New Call of Duty rumored to drop the single player campaign. It is not rumored to drop the price.

52:52 – Nintendo Labo is super cool but super overpriced!

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