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Tag: Playstation 3

GameStop makes me SO MAD I want to hurl obscenities!!!

gamestopMy sister bought me a PS3 the Christmas before last and I’ve been happily catching up on many of the cool games I’ve missed (Sega’s Yakuza games are great; give them a try!).  Unfortunately, after only a mere 18 months, my PS3 controller has decided that the left stick should randomly send a “left” signal to the console.  This means that I often can’t run in a straight line or aim with any accuracy and navigating menus is a pain because the cursor keeps zooming to the left.

There doesn’t appear to be anything physically broken.  The stick isn’t loose, for example.  And it’s not a matter of the stick not being calibrated properly because the “left” signal can emit regardless of the stick’s position.  I tried resetting the controller and that didn’t help.  Over the past few weeks, it’s gotten worse.  The errant “left” signal is stronger and more frequent.

Well, the PS3’s warranty is only for one year so I guess I’m going to have to buy a new controller.

Yeah, about that…