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Tag: Resident Evil 7

Molehill Mountain Episode 65 – Nintendo Has NOT Erased Mario & Luigi’s Past

Let’s get upset about the internet getting upset about things!

0:00 – We talk about IT even though neither of us have seen it.

12:17 – Google labels us a file sharing site for… hosting our own podcast?

18:19 – All of YouTube’s changes are terrible. All of them.

29:35 – My patience pays off! Both Resident Evil 7 and L.A. Noire get Gold/Deluxe editions that include all the DLC!

37:47 – Rockstar ensures Switch version of L.A. Noire sells like crap by charging $10 more for the visually inferior version

49:32 – Nintendo character profiles for Mario and Luigi mention the boys used to work as plumbers, internet loses its damn fool mind.

59:34 – South Park video game ties difficulty to skin color.

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