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Molehill Mountain Episode 65 – Nintendo Has NOT Erased Mario & Luigi’s Past

Let’s get upset about the internet getting upset about things!

0:00 – We talk about IT even though neither of us have seen it.

12:17 – Google labels us a file sharing site for… hosting our own podcast?

18:19 – All of YouTube’s changes are terrible. All of them.

29:35 – My patience pays off! Both Resident Evil 7 and L.A. Noire get Gold/Deluxe editions that include all the DLC!

37:47 – Rockstar ensures Switch version of L.A. Noire sells like crap by charging $10 more for the visually inferior version

49:32 – Nintendo character profiles for Mario and Luigi mention the boys used to work as plumbers, internet loses its damn fool mind.

59:34 – South Park video game ties difficulty to skin color.

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:01 PM13UcubeNot sure what you believe in the universe, but activate positive thoughts for people who need love in action!

6:54 PME. Zachary KnightHello everyone.

7:00 PMeathdemonwhats up

7:00 PMCodeNameZhi guys

7:02 PMlittlegittelJust tuned in. Just came back from It, in fact

7:03 PMCodeNameZTiger in the bathroom? Thats hangover

7:03 PMBornDistractedid like to see IT in dolby vision theater

7:05 PMlittlegittelI can agree with that.

7:06 PMBornDistracteddoink the clown was intresting

7:08 PMBornDistractedthis this clown version was like the joker in suicide club?

7:08 PMBornDistractedoops squad

7:10 PMBornDistractedhi hello how are you!…

7:10 PMlittlegittelI like it

7:10 PMlittlegittelI am freaked out because, I AM AFRAID OF CLOWNS, as you well know

7:11 PMlittlegittelso please talk about something fun so I can sleep tonight

7:11 PMlittlegittelOh, and saw the preview for Jigsaw, comes out Oct 27

7:11 PMeathdemonclowns are evil, always be evil. j/k

7:11 PMCodeNameZSo I guesy crown doctor is not for you while in a hospital

7:12 PMBornDistractedis she a gluten for punishment? lol

7:12 PMlittlegittelmasochistic maybe

7:13 PMBornDistractedlol

7:13 PMMarcus Chenhello friends

7:15 PMeathdemonin googles defense, ad sense serves 10s of thousands of small sites, it would not be profitable to let them speack to people

7:17 PMCodeNameZI tried to do something. I posted a video with a fake fetish title to see how many clicks will it have. I got over 620 clicks in 24h. Usually my videos get under 30 clicks

7:18 PMCodeNameZI changed the title back to normal today

7:19 PMlittlegittelit’s pretty terrible.

7:20 PMCodeNameZOn PC?

7:20 PMeathdemonseems like they are making it more tablet freindly

7:21 PMCodeNameZBut tablet uses an youtube app

7:21 PMeathdemonnot everyone

7:21 PMCodeNameZMaybe they are using to save CPU power

7:21 PMeathdemoncould be

7:22 PMCodeNameZI mean the new layout to save CPU power

7:23 PMeathdemonside not some big channels are white listed

7:24 PMeathdemonalot of the evedence seems to be tittle/thumbnail based

7:24 PMBornDistractedmaybe they think some of your anime reviews are hentai?…

7:24 PMCodeNameZ2 white guys talking. Flagged for being racists of corse 😉

7:25 PMlittlegittelThat’s hilarious, Z!!!!

7:25 PMCodeNameZtnx

7:26 PMBornDistracteddo people get flagged only if they are making money from youtube?…

7:26 PMBornDistractedmaybe I said that wrong…

7:27 PMeathdemonvimeo doesnt alot gamming conteny\

7:27 PMeathdemoncontent

7:27 PMeathdemongoogle is clearly trying to squeze out smaller channels to reduce costs

7:28 PMBornDistractedthanx

7:29 PMCodeNameZIts funny when I ordered Dragonball Budukai and the seller says “condition 8/10” when I got the disc the loading times was a min long. Thats not a 8 for me

7:32 PMBornDistractedCapcom should sell diary products since they milk their products beyond belief…

7:32 PMCodeNameZLa Noire for PS3 and 360 have frame rate issues also

7:34 PMeathdemondid you see the south park stuff

7:34 PMCodeNameZI hope Rockstal port Bully one day. Considering to get the Wii version

7:34 PMAndrew EisenWhat South Park stuff?

7:36 PMCodeNameZThe Wii, 360 and PC versions got out the same day

7:37 PMCodeNameZNo PS3 version. The original was for the PS2 than it got ported for Wii, 360 and PC

7:37 PMCodeNameZI hear Red Dead Redeption went to development hell and we should be happy it was even made.

7:38 PMeathdemonhow they handle the difficulty setting.

7:38 PMeathdemonthe switch tax is real

7:39 PMeathdemonits for using carts

7:39 PMCodeNameZI hope the digital version will be $40

7:39 PMCodeNameZWas Puyo Puyo Tetris $10 more also?

7:40 PMCodeNameZI talked to few people and they say they will get the Switch version anyway

7:42 PMBornDistractedmaybe the enhanced X version will be the best…

7:42 PMCodeNameZMany people will get LA Noire to play it on the go.

7:43 PMeathdemonin japan they do

7:44 PMlittlegittelthat was a fantastic rant!!!

7:44 PMeathdemondid you see the intervew with the ceo of the pokemon company? he didnt think the swirtch would do well.

7:45 PMAndrew EisenNope, I did not.

7:45 PMeathdemonthat means the switch pokemon game is 2019 at earlist

7:45 PMCodeNameZCan you bring your widescreen with you in a train? You should make a video about it

7:45 PMeathdemonits clearly still in pre production

7:47 PMCodeNameZActually I saw kids playing GTA San Andreas back in the day. Yes kids dont do missions but they mess around doing stuff

7:48 PMlittlegittelI was just gonna say that you can’t go outside cuz I broke the door

7:48 PMBornDistractedfor me the ideal gaming experience is on a big screen OLED even though I don’t have one lol

7:48 PMCodeNameZHow you broke it

7:52 PMCodeNameZWhy does it bother people that it says it used to work as a plumber?

7:52 PMlittlegittelbut they wear overalls!!!

7:52 PMBornDistractedMario and luigi wrestled in E.C.W.

7:52 PMlittlegitteloveralls = either farmer or plumber

7:52 PMCodeNameZIn the Mario bros Arcade game you clean the sewer of New York

7:54 PMCodeNameZDont you saw a plumber saving a Princess with anger issues from a Big Turtle?

7:54 PMGasKanOnFirenot a big deal? Have you met the internet.

7:54 PMBornDistractedlol

7:55 PMCodeNameZSome people use 3D World that they fix a pipe as an example they still are plumbers. But people forget just because he used to be it does not mean he forgot how to do it

7:56 PMCodeNameZDid you read the rest of my post?

7:57 PMGasKanOnFirelol first toilet was in sunshine

7:58 PMGasKanOnFirein the cabana level. The shadow stingray.

7:58 PMBornDistractedyou got the voice for it lol…

8:00 PMCodeNameZThere is a giant Toilet in Kingom Battle

8:02 PMCodeNameZI like South Park. Well when they dont use gore and toilet humor

8:04 PMCodeNameZIts sad how true the Facebook episode was. Its dated today but they capsure how crazy people were about facebook

8:05 PMCodeNameZWhy people consider The Simpsons a kids show? It is rated 12 and up

8:08 PMCodeNameZAbout the plumbers it would be news and a suprise if they say how Mario and Luigi never were plumbers

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