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Nintendo celebrates eShop anniversary, forgets about the rest of the world

eShop sale JapanYesterday, Nintendo announced a promotion to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the eShop, its online marketplace where you can buy digital games, new and classic alike.  100 titles on the eShop have been discounted by up to 50%.  The promotion starts today and runs through Monday.

Pretty sweet, right?

Yeah, but this promotion only applies to the Japanese eShop so what about THE REST OF THE WORLD?!

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‘Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry’ are ESSENTIAL!!!

Essential Facts 2016Another year, another Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry report released by the Entertainment Software Association, the org that represents the interests of video game publishers but not necessarily gamers.  You’d think those interests would be one and the same but perhaps that’s a rant for another time.

The demographic data in the annual report is compiled from a survey of over 4000 American households conducted by market research company Ipsos MediaCT for the ESA.  You can read the report and devour all of its numbery goodness at your leisure but here’s the data I found most interesting:


The Promise Of The “No Sale Promise” Might Just Be Snake Oil

No Sale PromiseEarlier today, I learned about a new initiative created by a few developers. Chalo Chalo developers Tomasz Kaye and Richard Boeser created this initiative after reading an editorial by Castle Doctrine developer Jason Rohrer. In this editorial, Jason writes about why he feels that rampant game sales are bad for fans.

You can read Jason’s full article, but the gist of it is that gamers will wait until a sale rather than buy the games at launch. The problem is that game developers will see a reduction in launch revenue and be forced to rely on the months of long tail to break even. His solution is to reverse the sale process. His solution is to offer the discounts up front and then raise the price later.

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