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Ouya Review: TowerFall


People have been asking for a killer game for the Ouya. That one game that you should absolutely get the console for. That one game that you just can’t live without and must go out of your way to buy. Right now, I would say that killer game is TowerFall by Matt Makes Games. TowerFall was released along side the retail release of the Ouya and it is awesome.

The game puts you in the role of one of four archers dropped into an arena to fight to the death. You must use your quick wit, sure aim and agility to survive the onslaught of arrows and other dangers of battle. You mission is to be the last one standing and win the crown.

TowerFall is probably the closest experience I have found to Smash Bros on any console. The action and game matches are far faster paced though. Each match is over in a matter of minutes. The speed of the matches is primarily due to that each archer can take only a single shot from an arrow or being jumped on by an opponent before dying. The game is built for 2-4 players but there are training arenas available which are single player. The goal of which is to beat your time in shooting targets.

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