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Tag: Yakuza

Molehill Mountain Episode 95 – Do I Look Like I’m Made of Cardboard?

Cardboard is expensive, yo!

0:10 – Andrew really, really doesn’t like baby Haruto in Yakuza 6

17:26 – Let’s talk about marijuana. ‘Cause why not?

32:21 – New Call of Duty rumored to drop the single player campaign. It is not rumored to drop the price.

52:52 – Nintendo Labo is super cool but super overpriced!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 84 – Dating During the Apocalypse

Flesh-eating monsters roaming the streets and stalking the living are no reason you can’t still find love!

19:08 – Kaz Harai steps down as Sony CEO and Andrew floats a silly conspiracy theory!

27:40 – Yakuza 6 is delayed but gets a demo!

44:52 – Song of Memories is a dating sim with a setting so unexpected, I’m almost tempted to play it!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 3 – Hell No, AO!

On this week’s podcast, Andrew is still playing Yakuza (awesome series from Sega that EVERYONE should play!) and describes a sequence where he helped a jumper by chucking him off the roof (6:46), he and EZK discuss Nintendo’s updated E3 plans (17:23), they continue comparing bucket lists and determine that Zachary has never left his house (36:35), and passionately argue why the ESRB should get rid of the AO rating (49:10).

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Lonely Andrew Yaks About Video Games and Stuff

Andrew is all by his lonesome on this week’s podcast. ¬†Topics discussed include the recent Nintendo NX and Zelda news (2:45), removing content from western localizations and how it affects games like Yakuza 3(22:49), what to do about prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto games (41:02), and Sony’s continued failure at marketing the new Ghostbusters movie (1:07:35).

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