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Girls Profess Their Love Of Gaming And Hatred of ‘isms With Gamer Girl Manifesto

I have been a fan of Sexy Nerd Girl for quite some time. She has a lot of great videos on a many geeky topic, not just games. Yet, considering that she loves games and is a girl, it really comes as no surprise that she would release a video titled “Gamer Girl Manifesto“. I won’t go into too much detail about why such a video is necessary, but the short of it is that there are too many boys, and I do call them boy regardless of age because a man wouldn’t act in such a way, who react with profound sexism when confronted with girls that game.

This video is very well done and the message applies not only to sexism but also racism and homophobia, as also pointed out in the end. So please listen to the women and respect everyone you game with.

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