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Seriously People? What Kind Of Un-Humble Person Are You?

Here I am buying a Humble Indie Bundle for myself and as a gift for my brother and I learn some horrendous news. People are using the Humble Bundle as a way to game a Steam promotion. What is wrong with these people? Its bad enough that people still pirate the bundles, but to use them to game a promotion at another service is just wrong.

The Humble Guys said it very well themselves:

This is unfair to legitimate entrants and is definitely not what we wanted to encourage with Humble Indie Bundle 4. It’s a lose-lose situation for the indie developers, charities, Valve, and Humble Bundle.

Now because some people couldn’t be trusted to be honest, everyone that buys the bundle for under a $1 will be denied Steam keys unless they plead their case with Humble support.

I can understand someone not being able to afford $1 or more, but what these people is just ridiculous. I am seriously beyond words. The Humble guys are doing a great thing for indie developers and charities and you use that generosity for personal gain.

If I were these guys, I would seriously reflect back on your actions and adjust the amount you paid. It is only fair. After all, the Humble guys lost money due to your actions. Each transaction costs them at least $0.35 which means they lost $0.34 for every penny transaction.

Now I am going to get back to the awesome collection of games I just paid real money for.

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