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XBox Indie Game Developers Get Some Dahsboard Relief

Now, I don’t have a 360 and cannot easily verify this, but reports are coming in that XBox Live Indie Game developers are finally getting the promotion in the Dashboard they have been clamoring for for years. There is now a first page shortcut for Indie Games within the games tab of the 360 dashboard. This is something that many indie game developers have requested for as long as the program has existed.

This is also a contrast to the history of the indie game section. It seems that every time Microsoft made an update to the 360 Dashboard, the indie game section would be pushed off into some new obscure hole. It was never in the same place and almost always buried within multiple unintuitive menu options. This is the first time it has ever been listed along side Arcade and On Demand games.

Is this a new dawn for indie game developers or will this end up being only a temporary reprieve from obscurity? We won’t know for sure, at least not for a while. But let’s hope that this new placement will stay for the duration of the 360.

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