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Knightmare Tower Coming To iOS

Knightmare Tower Is Coming To iOS


Knightmare Tower is one of my favorite Ouya games so far. I have a lot of fun playing it. In fact, it was one of the first Ouya games I have spent money on. That puts it is limited company. But I learned a couple new things about the game today.

Dominique Lemire-Nault, Co-Founder of Juicy Beast, contacted me today and let me know that Knightmare Tower is their first self port of one of their games. They had usually used a third party to do the porting for them. The game was a free flash game prior to the Ouya release and they decided to tackle the port thanks to the Unity game development platform. This allowed them to make some major updates to the Ouya version.

Aside from that, there is bigger news for all you iOS users out there. Knightmare Tower is coming to iPhones and iPads near you. Also with major updates.

The iDevice version will play differently than other versions of the game. They did not want to use virtual joysticks in their game and decided to implement tilt controls, as you can see in the following video.

This looks like it could be a lot of fun to play. So far my only experience with Knightmare Tower is via the Ouya gamepad and a mouse. So a new control scheme could be a lot of fun. You can read more details about the game and the differences between this version and previous version at the above link.

Knightmare Tower will release for $2.99 on or around August 1st depending on when Apple gets around to approving it. So if you have an iDevice and want a great game, I recommend getting it.

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