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The Zweihander is back in business

realzweihanderThe Zweihander, a massive beautiful ultra greatsword in the Dark Souls series of games by From Software is my Excalibur. I love its moveset and its ability to knock average-sized enemies on their asses. The Zweihander is a real world weapon whose origins lie in medieval Germany. You can get an idea of the sword and its origins in this cool YouTube video.

In Dark Souls the Zweihander was a godsend that could easily be acquired at the very beginning of the game. The stats needed to wield it were a bit steep but worth the investment. In Dark Souls 2 the Zweihander was a bit more difficult to get and the moveset was completely ruined by From Software. Ultimately the moveset was shared by just about every other ultra greatsword in the game. BORING. I played through the game with a +10 mace instead.

Why am I carrying on about this? Because it appears that From Software has returned the good old Zweihander to its former glory in Dark Souls 3. My favorite sword ditches the moveset introduced in Dark Souls 2 in favor of a moveset that is – at the very least – similar to the sword’s attacks in Dark Souls – complete with the overhead swipes that I so adore.

You can check out a video of the Zweihander’s moveset below:

And, as you can probably tell, I have yet to purchase the game. I’m debating on whether I want to buy it for PS4 and pay for PS Plus or buy it on PC and avoid all that nonsense… (I did buy my son Salt and Sanctuary recently on PS4 and he absolutely loves it – I only mention it because it is Dark Souls-like.)

Image via Reddit.

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