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Liyla Makes It To The Games Section In App Store

Liyla On The App StoreLooks like it is possible to get the lumbering behemoth to budge. Last week we wrote that Apple had rejected Liyla and the Shadows of War as a game. They wanted the game classified in the News or Reference sections. Yet, to anyone that actually took the 10-15 minutes to play through the game, it is clearly a game.

We now learn that Apple has relented and classified Liyla as a game.

In a tweet to his followers, Rasheed wrote of the news.

Liyla on Appstore as A Game This community is so amazing, thanks Liyla is an Act of Humanity

You can now find Liyla and the Shadows of War on the App Store.

Sadly, I don’t think Apple has actually changed their ways here. It is likely this is just a one off decision based on public criticism of their decision. It would be great if they made an actual policy shift.

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