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Sorry fanboys, tomorrow ain’t the day for Nintendo NX info

Nintendo DirectThe Nintendo NX.

We know almost nothing official about Nintendo’s “dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept” other than what I just put in quotes.  That’s pretty much all the Big N has revealed about the sucker and we learned that a year and a half ago.  It’s been radio silence ever since and rabid Nintendo fanboys like me have been DYING for new info.  Nintendo said it would reveal more about the NX in 2016.  Well, we still have four months left in the year and many think September is the month Nintendo will finally lift the curtain.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct for September 1st.  Is this it?  Is it FINALLY time to learn about the NX?


As you can clearly see in the pic above (which comes from Nintendo’s announcement of the Direct on Twitter), the digital show will be “focused exclusively on Nintendo 3DS games.”

Pretty cut and dry, right?  Still, hopeful fanboys couldn’t help hoping that Nintendo would sneak a bit of NX info in there anyway.  So, despite the announcement outright stating that the Direct would focus “exclusively” on the 3DS, Nintendo still ended up reiterating to GamesBeat that the NX “won’t be discussed during the presentation.”

That’s a super bummer but there are 29 other days in September to talk about the NX, right?  Sure, but where did the idea that Nintendo would talk about the NX in September come from?

Well, Sony is rumored to announce its PS4 upgrade, the Playstation Neo, on September 7 and fanboys reason that shortly thereafter is as good a time as any!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.  Sure, there are some arguments that it is in Nintendo’s best interest to wait for Sony and Microsoft to spill the beans on their new hardware before it debuts its own but really it just comes down to the fact that fanboys are starved for info and are hoping we get some soon.

Which is understandable.  I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy myself but even I have grown tired of rumors and speculation.  I’m no less excited about the NX but only official information can sate this fanboy now.

A bone, Nintendo.  Throw us one!

I mean, it’s not like doing so is going to cut into your Wii U business…


  1. Sora Hjort
    Sora Hjort August 31, 2016

    To be honest, the only reason I want them to finally announce what the NX is, is to put a end to all the conflicting rumors out there. Yes I’d like to see what it is, but I can be patient.

    It’s like every other day a rumor comes out, and they conflict with other rumors

    1a. It’ll be more powerful than the Wii U
    1b. It’ll be less powerful than the Wii U
    1c. It’ll be the Wii U hardware repurposed

    2a. It’ll be a portable console
    2b. It’ll be a home console
    2c. It’ll be both home and portable

    3a. It’ll use a gamepad similar to the Wii U
    3b. The controllers split from the Display
    3c. The controller will be a weird Oval

    4a. It’ll replace the Wii U
    4b. It’ll replace the 3DS
    4c. It’ll be it’s own thing (To be fair, this is what Nintendo actually DID state)

    I’m just so tired of all of these rumors. People don’t know shit and are just making it up to get people to read their stuff. And we won’t know till Nintendo actually just comes out with the info. I mean come on, there is even a rumor that says they delayed the NX announcements because they went back to the drawing board to make it a VR system.

    It’s so… annoying. It’s kinda died down the last few months but ugh…

  2. Infophile
    Infophile August 31, 2016

    We also know that the Zelda: BotW and Dragon Quest XI will be on it. The Zelda fact at least tells us that its power will be at least in the ballpark of the Wii U.

    But… yeah. It’s ridiculous that this long after the announcement, we’d have so little official info. We’re almost three times as close to the launch date as we are from the announcement, and we’ve got next to nothing. It’s no wonder rumours are coming in to fill the void. I really wonder what Nintendo’s thinking here.

    • Zachary Knight
      Zachary Knight August 31, 2016

      You can’t forget Just Dance 2017. The only non-Nintendo game to announce NX support at E32016.

      • MechaTama31
        MechaTama31 August 31, 2016

        Can’t forget what you never knew… 😉

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