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Tag: Nintendo Direct

Molehill Mountain Episode 81 – No Rush For Gravity Rush 2

Why pay full price for a video game when you can pay full price for HALF a video game?

0:02 – Emergency system accidentally sends out a false alarm that a missile is on its way to Hawaii

8:54 – We start the show! I played the Dragon Quest Builders demo and EZK watched The Punisher on Netflix

40:29 – Half of the new BlazBlue game’s characters will be paid DLC

49:40 – Sony postpones shutting down Gravity Rush 2’s servers until July

59:15 – Swatter who got Kansas man killed charged with manslaughter

1:05:53 – Western localization of Detective Pikachu announced

1:10:10 – We discuss everything announced during Nintendo’s recent Direct

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Molehill Mountain Episode 44 – Nintendo Hates Money; Doesn’t Like You Either

It’s a solo show this week.  EZK had family stuff to attend to this Easter weekend.  Andrew had family visiting from out of town too but he made them quietly sit in the corner for an hour so he could bring you this week’s awesome show!

Ain’t he the sweetest?

5:45 – The NES Classic Edition and Nintendo’s problem meeting demand

41:52 – Senran Kagura for the Switch uses HD Rumble to simulate the feel of breasts

55:48 – Quick recap of last week’s Nintendo Direct

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OMG! Did Nintendo just inDIRECTly announce Skyward Sword HD?!!!

Skyward SwordNintendo aired its 3DS-focused Direct presentation this morning and one thing stuck out as odd to me.

“We’re happy to announce that the original version of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be releasing today on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.”

The “original version,” eh?  Well, that’s an peculiar way to phrase that announcement considering there’s only one version of Skyward Sword…

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Sorry fanboys, tomorrow ain’t the day for Nintendo NX info

Nintendo DirectThe Nintendo NX.

We know almost nothing official about Nintendo’s “dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept” other than what I just put in quotes.  That’s pretty much all the Big N has revealed about the sucker and we learned that a year and a half ago.  It’s been radio silence ever since and rabid Nintendo fanboys like me have been DYING for new info.  Nintendo said it would reveal more about the NX in 2016.  Well, we still have four months left in the year and many think September is the month Nintendo will finally lift the curtain.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct for September 1st.  Is this it?  Is it FINALLY time to learn about the NX?