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Month: April 2017

Molehill Mountain Episode 45 – Scar Wars

EZK and Andrew discuss Nintendo, Star Wars and Marvel TV shows.  You know, the important stuff!

19:07 – What if Nintendo allowed indie devs access to their IP?

32:34 – Did the NES Classic Edition have to die so that the SNES Classic Edition could live?

34:52 – Kylo Ren’s facial scar in Last Jedi doesn’t line up with the wound he received in Force Awakens. How much do we care?

50:30 – We discuss the first trailer for the Cloak and Dagger TV show

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Molehill Mountain Episode 44 – Nintendo Hates Money; Doesn’t Like You Either

It’s a solo show this week.  EZK had family stuff to attend to this Easter weekend.  Andrew had family visiting from out of town too but he made them quietly sit in the corner for an hour so he could bring you this week’s awesome show!

Ain’t he the sweetest?

5:45 – The NES Classic Edition and Nintendo’s problem meeting demand

41:52 – Senran Kagura for the Switch uses HD Rumble to simulate the feel of breasts

55:48 – Quick recap of last week’s Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo Decides It Hates Easy Money, Ends Production Of The NES Classic Edition

RIP: NES Classic EditionAmong the many classic blunders in this world, the most famous of which is ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’ and only slightly less well-known ‘Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line’, is the killing off one of your most popular products at the height of its life. Sadly, it seems that Nintendo has fallen victim to the latter blunder (of course Nintendo being a Japanese company may have been involved at one time or another in the first one). In a statement sent to IGN, Nintendo of America has ended production of the NES Classic Edition and after April you will never see them on shelves again, that is if you ever saw them there to begin with.  (UPDATE: Japan’s version of the NES Classic Edition, a mini Famicom with a slightly different lineup of games, has ended production as well.)

The NES Classic Edition is the hit holiday product from Nintendo that bundled 30 classic NES games into a cute console with the old NES look. It even came with controllers that resembled the original NES controllers. People loved this thing so much that any units that stores got were quickly snatched up and immediately listed to ebay at double to triple markup. Few people who actually wanted one to play the darn thing got one. In a statement made in January of this year, Nintendo announced that they had sold a cool 1.5million NES Classics. That means that somewhere in the ballpark of 250k people have one to actually play right now, while 1.25million units are sitting languishing on ebay and Craigslist postings.

But what really gets my goat with this latest news is Nintendo’s completely tone deaf reasons for dropping the system.


Molehill Mountain Episode 43 – Early Access Podcast

We know it’s hard to fall asleep at night until you know what Andrew and Zachary discussed on the previous weekend’s podcast so, here you go.  Rest now, friends.

13:43 – The Gearbox and G2A kerfuffle

24:30 – Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford takes no responsibility for Gearbox/G2A deal

29:52 – Atlus comes down on Persona 5 streaming in an exceptionally odd way

49:49 – Persona 5 has nearly $100-worth of grossly overpriced DLC

55:11 – The video game industry’s nasty habit of releasing broken games

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Molehill Mountain Episode 42 – The Nicki Minaj Special

This week’s show is all about Nicki Minaj, from our favorite video to the time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and Andrew somehow failed to notice!

0:06 – Minaj à Nicki

13:40 – A moment of silence for Mad Catz who is no longer with us

19:17 – PETA takes issue with milking minigame in 1-2 Switch

39:52 – Cards Against Humanity threatens to buy and publish Congresspersons’ browser histories if FCC privacy protection rule is repealed

57:17 – Twitter hears cries of “egg” accounts harassing people. Fixes it by removing egg image.

1:02:16 – Warner had a fun damage control week with a box art misprint saying LEGO City Undercover required a download bigger than the actual game

The last 45 minutes of the show is just a rambling free for all!

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