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Molehill Mountain Episode 44 – Nintendo Hates Money; Doesn’t Like You Either

It’s a solo show this week.  EZK had family stuff to attend to this Easter weekend.  Andrew had family visiting from out of town too but he made them quietly sit in the corner for an hour so he could bring you this week’s awesome show!

Ain’t he the sweetest?

5:45 – The NES Classic Edition and Nintendo’s problem meeting demand

41:52 – Senran Kagura for the Switch uses HD Rumble to simulate the feel of breasts

55:48 – Quick recap of last week’s Nintendo Direct

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:06 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

6:58 PMeathdemonheard it was the rights expired for the nes classic

6:59 PMeathdemonStan Lee is involved in a anime lol

7:04 PMlittlegittelI love Bobs Burgers. I want to BE Gene (that’s the son)

7:04 PMJoshua BowmanFinn Jones sucked.. Rest of the show was amazing

7:06 PMJoshua BowmanHave you seen Gotham?

7:06 PMeathdemonthe story going around is the rights were only for 6 months

7:07 PMCecil475Nintendo lothes money! Doesn’t want it. Will blame people who play emulators and roms for losing money tho.

7:07 PMeathdemona rumor

7:08 PMlittlegittelI watched the first season of Gotham. Well…maybe most of the first season. I thought it was simply awful. Just awful.

7:09 PMeathdemonit seems like they thought it would be a holiday impulse thing, and than stop selling it

7:09 PMHoqZz-Hey its HoqZz- Here

7:11 PMJoshua BowmanOhhhhhh I love Gotham..

7:12 PMHoqZz-Oh yeah

7:12 PMeathdemonsadly all this stuff lags months behind, meaning shifting resources to switch production wont see a improvment for months, than switcing back than takes months

7:13 PMCecil475Ah.

7:13 PMHoqZz-Yoe might be right

7:14 PMHardensoul 72My guess is profit margin, Nintendo can’t possibly making much money from this with all the licensing.

7:16 PMJMBoote1There IS a rumour that discontinuing the product will get more people wanting it/talking about it, and they’ll make more after demand skyrockets. Annoying, but might be effective.

7:18 PMeathdemonthey would have to pay for that extra production line, why do that when youy can just swap from nes classic to switch lol

7:19 PMCecil475Yet doesn’t want the money, complains about piracy.

7:19 PMMax thebirdcageThe switch is not a desktop console is a portable with the possibility of connecting it to the TV

7:20 PMeathdemonnes should be $2, snes should be $5, n64 $8, and if the gc stuff is true $10

7:22 PMeathdemonno they werent

7:23 PMMax thebirdcageFor me the switch is the next to the 3ds, but what they did was add the dock to make it look like it’s the competition of the ps4 and xbox one

7:24 PMCecil475Ah, Nintendo is promoting piracy? There’s a conspiracy theory!

7:26 PMeathdemongabe newell “piracy is a service problem”

7:27 PMHardensoul 72I’m not saying its selling for loss. Or the licensing deal is only for a limited run. NES mini was not in their long term plans.

7:27 PMHardensoul 72This could just be part of the rebranding to keep Nintendo’s name in the holiday.

7:28 PMHardensoul 72​[message retracted]

7:28 PMHardensoul 72Heading towards Switch launch

7:29 PMSuperMetalDave64The hook of the NES Mini was that it was literally a small NES, people weren’t necessarily wanting it for the ROMS, they can get that on Retropie no problem, it is a nostalgic item, people want it!LOL

7:31 PMF255123There are hard numbers.

7:31 PMeathdemonwe will know how the switch is tracking by july

7:31 PMMatthew MilesI have 2 theories on this matter. #1 – The NES mini was used as a stop gap between the Wii U and switch. #2 – Nintendo is clearing out NES mini production lines in order to ramp up Super NES mini.

7:33 PMlittlegittelNo Cadbury Eggs, not at the prices they are charging.

7:33 PMSuperMetalDave64Some perspective also, February 25, 2011-March 31, 2011, 3DS launched and sold 3.6 million in 5 weeks, so I’m not sure if Switch is really the fastest with over 2 million after 4 weeks? Maybe in USA?

7:36 PMeathdemonwell nintendo has done a better job with releases this time

7:37 PMScottyJayManI find it funny that More Zelda switch software was sold than the Switch itself

7:37 PMeathdemonNintendo bad at supply management, sadly not new

7:38 PMMatthew MilesI did just get here. Guilty as charged lmao

7:38 PMeathdemonthey are too conservative for their own dam good.

7:42 PMF255123The second place is 500k in a month for Nintendo, those are the hard numbers. Although it launched early in the month.

7:42 PMHardensoul 72No, Senrran lol

7:42 PMHardensoul 72Yes, I saw the Japanese direct hehe

7:43 PMMax thebirdcageNintendo wants those who have the wii u and those who have the 3ds join in one with the swich to add the sales of the wiiu and sales of 3ds in a single sale, for me they do not want to risk,

7:43 PMMax thebirdcagewant to bet Safe

7:43 PMMixtape TroyBoob game

7:43 PMJMBoote1Senran Kagura is basically today’s anime. Bewbs.

7:43 PMeathdemonjapan has been more tolerant of sexuality than the US is. no pta’s screaming “think of the children” in japan

7:43 PMMax thebirdcageFor me they never intended to compete with the competition

7:44 PMMax thebirdcageThey want to keep what they have

7:45 PMMixtape TroyYou bet your ass it wil

7:45 PMHardensoul 72It’s region free lol

7:45 PMMixtape TroyOr, your boobs

7:46 PMScottyJayManBetter the boobs than the players avatar anatomy.

7:47 PMHardensoul 72Andrew drunk tonight?

7:47 PMMixtape TroyThis is Andrew when he HASN’T had a few, talking about boobs.

7:48 PMlittlegittelMethinks if your viewers/listeners wanted to see jiggly boobs, well…they are already on the Internet

7:49 PMSuperMetalDave64Yeah that is one thing I don’t get about these games, is it the interaction? I mean porn will basically get the job done in 2-3 minutes for these guys right? LOL

7:50 PMJames StriderYou giggling madman 😂

7:50 PMSuperMetalDave64but yeah I thought that game sounded hilariously ridiculous lol

7:52 PMGFY AHHey guys

7:53 PMGFY AHWhat about the butt?

7:55 PMMixtape Troy“That’s plenty!” I laughed out loud

7:56 PMNikoBelic4what about the Xbox Scorpio?

7:56 PMHardensoul 72When I saw that segemnt, it remoinded me of “Tune inTokyo”

7:56 PMeathdemonit was very rapid fire

7:56 PMNikoBelic4What are your thoughts, about the Xbox Scorpio?

7:59 PMN64 Dannywould you prefer the BotW DLC to be sequel or a prequel?

8:00 PMkratos382190% of the nintendo direct was garbage

8:00 PMGFY AHYooka-Laylee?

8:01 PMkratos3821and garbage that cost 10 dollars more than the other systems

8:01 PMMixtape TroyOf all the things that excited me, Monopoly looked really fun

8:02 PMN64 Dannyshadow in background looks like Mario with boner lol is it a Mario amiibo? (modified)

8:03 PMeathdemonits looking to be $500 for the scopio

8:04 PMeathdemonthe switch is the vita 2, and that is ok

8:04 PMNikoBelic4Do you really think, that the Switch will get a lot of AAA support, or will it get custom made exclusive games? I know, that Activision is making a Nintendo Switch title.

8:06 PMHardensoul 7280’s movie “Girls just want to have fun” Sarah Jessica Parker. Scen with guy grabning boobs like he was tuning radio with line “Tune in tokyo”

8:06 PMeathdemonDF priced out the parts

8:07 PMNikoBelic4HEY!!!

8:07 PMNikoBelic4Activision, is making a exclusive COD game, from King(the guys who made candy crush)

8:08 PMkratos3821nintendo discontinued the nes classics because the switch will become the new nes classics , only old games coming to the switch and no 3rd party aaa games

8:08 PMN64 Dannywill you get breath of the wild on Wii u? I downloaded it and I find that is the best running model so far, as the switch has to work harder in dock

8:09 PMeathdemonif the switch does well enough, unlikely, overwatch should be a easy port, but that depends on how well the switch sells

8:09 PMeathdemon]overwatch can run on the modern equivlent of a toaster

8:11 PMN64 Dannyshould digital foundry do a comparison to BotW on disk VS digital download. minus load times . what do you think?

8:11 PMGFY AHThanks Andrew

8:12 PMN64 Dannyminus load times compared to switch

8:13 PMNikoBelic4Do you play on PC?

8:13 PMkratos3821i buy games 6 months later or wait for the complete editions

8:14 PMNikoBelic4Console Gaming for life!!!!

8:14 PMWarren Lewisandalways on DRM

8:14 PMWarren Lewisand always on DRM

8:14 PMWarren LewisFor PC

8:15 PMNikoBelic4Did you check out the Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer?

8:15 PMN64 Dannysorry, the biggest difference between Wii u and switch is load times. so beyond that, would you prefer to download botw or on disk. I should have clarified l9l

8:15 PMWarren LewisYeah.

8:18 PMlittlegittelGoodnight everyone!

8:18 PMTheRiverAnduinandrew I still cant find a nes classic since launch

8:18 PMN64 Dannyare you expecting the same depth (as BotW) for Mario Switch?

8:18 PMNikoBelic4See you later!!!!

8:18 PMMixtape TroyNight Andrew

8:19 PMMixtape Troy$10 /month woot

8:19 PMkratos3821nite nite sleep tight everybody

8:19 PMGFY AHTake care man bye

8:19 PMWarren LewisGood night!

8:20 PMN64 DannyLmfao nintendo doesn’t like you

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