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Month: June 2017

Molehill Mountain Episode 54 – Atari’s Back!!!

By request, we’ve kept our pre-show banter in the video version of the podcast.  You can skip ahead to the start of the show proper (or another topic) with the timestamps below.  In the show’s final half hour, Andrew and Zachary discuss the future of AR games the cost of living in San Diego.

8:54 – We finally start the show!

37:14 – Atari is introducing new gaming hardware. What do we think it is?

51:11 – Sega is bringing its classic games to mobile devices for free (with ads)

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Nintendo To Release SNES Classic Edition This Fall

If you follow Nintendo hardware rumors in any capacity, it likely won’t come as a surprise to you, but for everyone else, I hope this is great news. Nintendo will be releasing a SNES Classic Edition this fall, September 29. This will be pretty much the same concept as the NES Classic Edition but with a few modifications.

The big changes are that it comes with 2 controllers instead of one, it will only have 21 games instead of 30, and finally it will be priced at $80 instead of $60 plus $10 for a second controller, as was the NES Classic. I personally don’t find these changes as too much of a surprise.


Molehill Mountain Episode 51 – All the News That’s Fit To Podcast

Nintendo’s online service might not be as fully featured as its competition but hey, at least it will be cheaper!

15:52 – Nintendo details pricing and features of its paid online service

25:55 – Voice chat headset for Switch is overly complicated

34:24 – Valve announces the price of Steam Direct

46:20 – The ethical implications of relabeling retro carts

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