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Tag: Freedom Fall

Ouya Review: Freedom Fall

Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios

You know the old damsel in distress trope. The helpless princess is trapped atop a tower and the dashing hero must save her from the evil monster who put her there. Well, throw that trope into the grinder as we introduce you to Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios. Freedom Fall turns that old trope on its head and features you the player, the dashing young rogue taken prisoner by a King and placed in a tower death trap designed by his very own daughter.

In Freedom Fall, you awake at the top of a vast tower prison with your door open. Upon attempting to escape, you see spinning blades, spikes and other dangers you must safely jump and slide through to survive your descent. Each level of this tower provides new and even more deadly traps that seek to maim and kill you. As you descend, you can also try to pick up as many machine parts as you can in order to upgrade your skillset.

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