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Ouya Review: Freedom Fall

Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios

You know the old damsel in distress trope. The helpless princess is trapped atop a tower and the dashing hero must save her from the evil monster who put her there. Well, throw that trope into the grinder as we introduce you to Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios. Freedom Fall turns that old trope on its head and features you the player, the dashing young rogue taken prisoner by a King and placed in a tower death trap designed by his very own daughter.

In Freedom Fall, you awake at the top of a vast tower prison with your door open. Upon attempting to escape, you see spinning blades, spikes and other dangers you must safely jump and slide through to survive your descent. Each level of this tower provides new and even more deadly traps that seek to maim and kill you. As you descend, you can also try to pick up as many machine parts as you can in order to upgrade your skillset.

Freedom Fall GameplayAll the while you are witness to the writing on the walls of a princess as she teases you and tells her own twisted royal story. These bits of story graffiti are what drives you the player forward with a desire to know what else she has to say, what new details you can learn. Each little bit tells you more about the sadistic little royal monster that has imprisoned you so. Each little taunt and tease drives you forward to prove her wrong.

It is this blend of clever dark humor and skillful platforming that will bring you back again and again. The designers of this world took extra care to make you both curious and cautious as you progress on your journey in hope of freedom. Can you successfully navigate the tower traps? Will you truly get to know the princess who taunts and torments you so?

Freedom Fall is definitely one of the best games to come to the Ouya so far. It is strikingly beautiful and a pleasure to play. Each level is cleverly designed to leave you not only trying to find your way down, but also to explore every nook and cranny you see.

The art is a great blend of fantasy and steampunk. The Characters are cleverly designed and animated to be full of life. The dangers are also drawn and animated to show their deadly nature. Nothing is hidden from you behind poor design or animation. You will have as much fun looking at Freedom Fall as you do playing it.

You cannot go wrong by buying this game. Do it now, or face the dangers of the tower of death.

What you get for free: First two levels of the tower.

What you unlock for paying: All levels.

Cost to unlock: $7.99

Verdict: Buy

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