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Tag: Retro Gaming

Molehill Mountain Episode 51 – All the News That’s Fit To Podcast

Nintendo’s online service might not be as fully featured as its competition but hey, at least it will be cheaper!

15:52 – Nintendo details pricing and features of its paid online service

25:55 – Voice chat headset for Switch is overly complicated

34:24 – Valve announces the price of Steam Direct

46:20 – The ethical implications of relabeling retro carts

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No Sega Isn’t Firing Back At Nintendo’s Retro NES

Sega Classic Game Console released in 2014After Nintendo’s announcement two weeks ago on the retro NES Classic console, people woke up to the idea of classic gaming in the modern age on reproduction consoles. This week, stories started circulating that Sega is now firing back at Nintendo by not only releasing a retro Genesis console, but also a handheld. They make this claim by pointing out the release of a Sonic 25th Anniversary Sega portable with built in games.

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Nintendo Joins Sega And Atari; Releases NES Classic Console

NES Classic Edition by NintendoNintendo will be launching a new console this holiday season. However, it won’t be the NX or anything resembling a modern day console. Instead, Nintendo will be returning to its roots and following in the footsteps of Atari and Sega. Today, Nintendo announced the launch of the NES Classic Edition.

Much like the retro throwback consoles of Atari and Sega, the NES CE will have 30 built in games. The list is pretty impressive too. It has all three Mario games, both Zeldas, Star Tropics, two Castlevanias, Metroid, and Final Fantasy, to name a few.