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Tag: Senran Kagura

Molehill Mountain Episode 118 – Intimacy Mode

We’ve played none of the Senran Kagura games. But that’s not going to stop us from talking about them!

22:22 – No Season 3 for the Immortal Iron Fist

38:05 – Publisher cites new Sony policy to explain censorship of new Senran Kagura game

50:46 – The Brazilian government is investigating Valve for hosting a racist beat-’em-up on Steam

59:47 – Sony is finally going to allow gamers to change their PSN IDs

1:07:30 – Nintendo making fun little tweaks to its Online Service NES games

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Molehill Mountain Episode 68 – Andrew Is a Hating Hater Who Hates

Seriously, what’s with that guy?

33:17 – Andrew opines that game journalists who were confused by the Wii U were lying or terrible at their jobs

42:05 – Senran Kagura producer wants to make a game that appeals to women

46:25 – What is and is not clickbait?

51:50 – What is and is not hyperbole?

54:30 – Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist appears to be full-blown bad guy with no redeeming qualities. How does that compare to previous protagonists of Rockstar Games?

1:05:55 – New Mummy video game movie tie-in seems to have nothing to do with the movie is’s tied-in to.

1:18:28 – Andrew talk a bit about the Project Octopath Traveler demo.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 44 – Nintendo Hates Money; Doesn’t Like You Either

It’s a solo show this week. ¬†EZK had family stuff to attend to this Easter weekend. ¬†Andrew had family visiting from out of town too but he made them quietly sit in the corner for an hour so he could bring you this week’s awesome show!

Ain’t he the sweetest?

5:45 – The NES Classic Edition and Nintendo’s problem meeting demand

41:52 – Senran Kagura for the Switch uses HD Rumble to simulate the feel of breasts

55:48 – Quick recap of last week’s Nintendo Direct

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