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Tag: Star Trek

Quick Thought: I Have Been Conditioned To Expect More Commercials

Star Trek: The Original SeriesI think I have been negatively conditioned by modern television. I have been watching Star Trek: The Original Series on Netflix lately and nearly every episode, I think to myself, “This episode seems to never end.” Not that the episodes are boring or anything, just that they seem long. I then look at the show’s run time and notice that it is 50 minutes. Modern shows only clock in at 42ish minutes.


Molehill Mountain Episode 16 – Fan Game Fun

This week, EZK and Andrew discuss the topic they were supposed to discuss last week.  Better late than never, eh?

24:14 – Paramount issues a set of guidelines governing what Star Trek fan films can and can’t do (

46:23 – Should the video game industry adopt a similar set of guidelines for fan games?

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