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Month: September 2016

Best Sext Ever!

best-sextI was driving home from the grocery store at 9:06 last night when the phone in my pocket vibrated, informing me that I had received a text.  I’m a super duper safe driver who obeys laws dictating what you can and cannot do with your phone while driving in the bone-dry state of California so I left it in my pocket and continued on my way.

I arrived home, put my groceries away and finally checked my phone.  This is the text messaged I’d received:

“im not wearin any soocks and i have the panties to match”

Oooh yeeeah…

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Molehill Mountain Episode 19 – We Know What We Like

Andrew may be available to podcast at any time but Zachary has a life so in order to accommodate our resident, life-having family man, we’ve decided to permanently move the show to 7p PST on Saturday nights.  Yep, just an hour later than normal.  Hope that’s not too inconvenient for anyone!

This week’s podcast was a pretty laid back affair.  We continue Kicking the Bucket List, revealing super duper interesting aspects of our lives such as if we’ve ever been in the paper, jumped out of a plane or ridden an elephant (20:53) and discuss various super popular games that we just don’t like (27:13).

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Soon you’ll be able to enjoy Skylanders without being horrifically ripped off!


Skylanders is one of those Toys-to-Life games that require you to purchase a bunch of expensive toys in order to unlock content in the game you already paid full price for.  I wrote IGN’s wiki guide for two games in the series and calculated that you need to spend a minimum of $254.89 in order to experience everything in Skylanders: Swap Force. Skylanders: SuperChargers has the potential to cost you significantly more, depending on just how much of the game’s content you want to access.  A game, I must remind you, that costs $75 to start.

It’s horse poop.

But equine droppings aside, how’s the actual game?


Atlus drops the ball on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse localization; handles it like a champ

smt-apocalypseShin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse releases for the 3DS in North America today but unfortunately, it’s shipping with a bit of a localization boo-boo.  Turns out there’s still a smidgen of untranslated Japanese text during a boss battle near the end of the game.

Atlus, the game’s developer and publisher, acknowledged the mistake and posted an apology and explanation on its website yesterday.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 18 – We’re Good Because We’re Not Bad

EZK and I start out this week’s podcast talking about comic books, cause why not?  We then continue Kicking the Bucket List, revealing super interesting things about ourselves such as whether we’ve ever been in the back of a police car and which celebrities we’ve met (14:40) and finally discuss how Sega and Capcom earned internet cookies this week by, respectively, not DMCA-ing a fan game and announcing no microtransactions in Resident Evil VII (44:40).

Positive feedback is a wonderful thing but are our expectations of the AAA game industry really so low that we celebrate companies simply for not doing the things we hate?

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Pokemon Go’s Buddy System Wants You To Walk 400 Kilometers To Evolve A Magicarp

Pokemon Go's New Buddy System

Get ready to walk your feet off. Pokemon Go really thinks you want to walk 400 kilometers to evolve your Magikarp. Distances for pretty much every other pokemon are also comparable.

Yesterday, Niantic released its Buddy Pokemon update. With this update, you can assign one pokemon to be your “buddy”. As your buddy, the pokemon appears next to you in your profile and next to your headshot. As you walk, your buddy has a distance meter that fills up. When full, you get one solitary candy.


Valve Hates Me, It Really Hates Me

SteamValve really hates me. At least they hate the way I use Steam. They also hate others like me. It’s sad really, but that is the impression I have received from Valve’s recent changes to Steam.

So let’s explore who I am and why that means that Valve hates me. I am a gamer. I love to play games. I have spent many hundreds of dollars on games and who knows how much on consoles. I bought a $1,000 gaming computer four years ago that is still going strong. I have bought a few hundred dollars worth of PC games and play them quite often. The PC is probably my most played gaming system. I have 206 games in my Steam library.

Despite all the above, Valve hates me.


Molehill Mountain Episode 17 – PS4 Pro Crotch Shots

Lots of fun stories this week!

31:46 – Nintendo hits “No Mario’s Sky” with a DMCA takedown. Developer removes infringing assets and renames it “DMCA’s Sky”

40:08 – Warner Bros. hits itself with a DMCA takedown

49:06 – Mario hits iOS mobile devices with the endless runner-esque “Super Mario Run”

59:39 – Sony shows off the visual majesty of the PS4 Pro with an Asari Crotch Shot

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Molehill Mountain Episode 16 – Fan Game Fun

This week, EZK and Andrew discuss the topic they were supposed to discuss last week.  Better late than never, eh?

24:14 – Paramount issues a set of guidelines governing what Star Trek fan films can and can’t do (

46:23 – Should the video game industry adopt a similar set of guidelines for fan games?

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A Month After Metroid’s 30th Anniversary, Nintendo Announces Zelda Anniversary Stuff

AM2R: Another Metroid 2 RemakeIt has been a month since Metroid’s 30th anniversary. People have been clamoring for something from Nintendo to acknowledge this paramount game.  Instead, Nintendo sent a DMCA to a remake of Metroid 2. So people were hoping that maybe Nintendo had something else up their sleeves.

Today, Nintendo held another of its Nintendo Direct press events. In this they announced a special anniversary product for a very special franchise. And you will never guess what that franchise is.