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Tag: Toys-to-Life

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy Skylanders without being horrifically ripped off!


Skylanders is one of those Toys-to-Life games that require you to purchase a bunch of expensive toys in order to unlock content in the game you already paid full price for.  I wrote IGN’s wiki guide for two games in the series and calculated that you need to spend a minimum of $254.89 in order to experience everything in Skylanders: Swap Force. Skylanders: SuperChargers has the potential to cost you significantly more, depending on just how much of the game’s content you want to access.  A game, I must remind you, that costs $75 to start.

It’s horse poop.

But equine droppings aside, how’s the actual game?


Disney decides to stop ripping off gamers, cancels Disney Infinity

Disney-Infinity-Amazon-Bundle1Disney announced today in its second quarter earnings report that it has discontinued Disney Infinity and has closed Utah’s Avalanche Studios, the series’ principle developer.

Disney Infinity, like Skylanders before it and LEGO Dimensions after it, is a toys-to-life video game series that requires gamers to buy a bunch of expensive toys in order to unlock content in a game they already paid full price for (which can sometimes be as high as $100).  It’s a garbage practice and while the title of this article makes it seem like Disney had a crisis of conscience, it really just comes down to the fact that ripping off gamers in this manner just isn’t as profitable as it once was.