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Molehill Mountain Episode 66 – A Heat of the Moment Podcast

EZK had technical problems so it’s another Andrew solo show. He talks a bit about IT (which he still hasn’t seen) and the recent Nintendo Direct but he spends most of the time complaining about amiibo. Fun stuff!

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:01 PMtavish awasthybuddy u look like arnold schwarzenegger

7:01 PMeathdemonwe got a shadow drop of sorts with that demo from square

7:02 PMFITNESS 100It look pretty good

7:02 PMeathdemonanounce at a event, than release than and there’

7:04 PMeathdemonthat demo gets dark, you get to play a a exatic dance, and does some dark stuff

7:05 PMFITNESS 100My ex girlfriend

7:07 PMeathdemondancer

7:08 PMFITNESS 100Maybe those real clowns creeping around was clever advertisement 

7:11 PMeathdemonback in the day in a galaxy far far away

7:16 PMeathdemonwhat youtube/twitch doesnt work well in your office? they stream on those

7:17 PMeathdemonmy guess we will know Retro stuff at e3 2018

7:17 PMjordan thompsonI am already afraid after reading the title of this stream

7:18 PMeathdemon4 years, so we are do than. game dev is 3 to 4 years

7:19 PMeathdemonsafe bet, we get a zelda direct

7:19 PMjordan thompsona heat of the moment sounds like you’re trying to justify a not quite so justifiable homicide

7:21 PMjordan thompsonBREAKING NEWS :TSA says though fictional please still don’t bring bombs to kill the dodongo just refill when we land

7:23 PMjordan thompsonis the Zelda content a good excuse to put Skyrim on switch

7:25 PMeathdemonswitch is getting doom(2017) and wolfenstien 2

7:26 PMjordan thompsonif Andrew had a switch it would have the cleanest touchpad since it will always be docked (let me im wrong)

7:28 PMeathdemonthe switch is the vita 2.0, but with way way better 1st party support, but I am a ok with that

7:29 PMeathdemonpeople who travel a ton for work

7:29 PMjordan thompsonto relive the good old days when you played Tetris on the shitter for an hour and forgot you were in the bathroom

7:29 PMeathdemonthose who use mass tranist to get to and from work ect

7:31 PMeathdemonI dont know anyone who does portable at home, but who love the switch becouse of a shit ton of work travel

7:33 PMjordan thompsonTrump : “wrong”

7:33 PMjordan thompsonsorry had to do it

7:34 PMeathdemondoom did just fun, that opening lvl

7:34 PMjordan thompsonhumor doesn’t always work through text so excuse the context issues

7:37 PMjordan thompsonhere in the year 2040 and still no Mario kingdom warriors, Nintendo why you no love me

7:38 PMjordan thompsonmushroom kingdom warriors

7:38 PMeathdemonsome people are saying m+rabids is best switch game

7:39 PMMonk GamesI love Fire Emblem and this warriors sucks, but I hate every warriors, so dont take my word for it

7:41 PMjordan thompsonI liked the appeal of the micro coster for $60 (I think it was 1 2 switch)

7:42 PMeathdemonblame nintendo fans for buying amibos

7:45 PMTrey Ahzzewhy not just buy the game and play it..without purchasing the Amiibos

7:45 PMjordan thompsonscrew shia labouf it’s Andrews time – “don’t do that” 2017

7:48 PMSean SharpeWith Splatoon 2, none of the gear you unlock with in is any better than stuff you can find in the game. Most of it’s actually worse. Ditto for Breath of the Wild.

7:49 PMjordan thompsonits official Andrews lost another bright mind lost to the silly business practices of a multi billion dollars game company, a candle light vigle will be held at dawn there will be pie

7:50 PMSean SharpeThe shit they pulled with Metroid Returns is total bullshit though.

7:51 PMMixtape TroyYeah Andrew isn’t getting a Switch I don’t think lol

7:51 PMMixtape TroyI know how you feel, buddy. I can’t afford $60 games AT ALL

7:52 PMSean SharpeI can! …But I buy like four games a year if that.

7:56 PMTrey Ahzzejust a costume, few stuff..dont care. WHen I get DLC code in a game..i never use it..or forget

7:57 PMMixtape TroyAbout those gamers that don’t mind: most of them never lived in a time when you got everything when you paid at release.

7:58 PMLakster37would it change your opinion if the data for the gear is actually on the amiibo rather than in the game (e.g. a Wind Waker tunic for Toon Link amiibo) so that amiibo isn’t an unlock key?

8:00 PMjordan thompsonback in the day cheat books were kinda another form of dlc since you were accessing thing you normally wouldn’t by buying a book of codes

8:00 PMSean SharpeThere’s also like $90 DLC in Gal Gun that gives you x-ray vision to see anime panties.

8:07 PMMixtape TroyLava Barf Dude lol

8:09 PMjordan thompsonexplain the amiibo concept 5 more times we’re slo……… oh a bird ….. what was I saying

8:10 PMMixtape TroyIt doesn’t make Nintendo less money. There are people that want the Metroid amiibo and it’s impossible to find. They’d make money if they had that content be downloadable.

8:13 PMjordan thompsonany thoughts on the new 2ds

8:15 PMjordan thompsondlc would die if we were like you, that’s not bad I’m just stating the fact

8:16 PMjordan thompsonwas I accidentally blocked

8:16 PMjordan thompsonam I good

8:16 PMSean SharpeWithout DLC, games would be more than $60 new, too.

8:19 PMRyan SteeleI agree with that timing argument totally. Imagine if Ocarina of Time

8:19 PMRyan Steele‘s Master Quest was Day 1 DLC

8:20 PMjordan thompsonokay so legend of Zelda botw is 60 there is 3 dlcs with 3 separate prices a good way to counter act the dlc overload is to rather have one giant dlc pack for maybe at the most selling it for half of

8:20 PMMixtape TroyWitcher 3 has some of the best DLC ever.

8:20 PMjordan thompsonwhat you bought the original game for

8:20 PMSean SharpeWitcher 3 has great DLC… But I don’t think any game’s DLC can ever touch Fallout: New Vegas’.

8:23 PMSean SharpeAre Switch’s still hard to find in your area?

8:24 PMSean SharpeAlso… Thank you for debut review. It saves me from watching awful anime.

8:24 PMjordan thompsonwish I had something to show you from the anime/manga idea I had

8:26 PMjordan thompsonif ever possible I’d still like to sent fan mail so keep that idea on mind

8:28 PMCodeNameZhi guys

8:28 PMCodeNameZhow you all doing

8:29 PMCodeNameZWekl an audio CD can only fit 80mins of music

8:29 PMCodeNameZwell*

8:31 PMCodeNameZDid you hear we got info that Doom singleplayer will be on the game card and the multiplayer will be an optinal download

8:32 PMjordan thompsoncan you see if others like the idea of a fan mail option

8:33 PMCodeNameZSo you can tap the Mario amiibo and you play as Mario in Doom 😉

8:33 PMCodeNameZjk

8:35 PMjordan thompsonha just imagine video game characters in a copyright slave trade ….. life’s sad

8:36 PMjordan thompsonpennywise been hitting his own stash to much

8:36 PMMixtape TroyYou ready to be jump startl–SCARED?

8:37 PMCodeNameZWell I’m glad the Switch is getting Doom and W2 if it sells well we might get the oposide effect compared to the Wii U

8:37 PMSean SharpeI don’t know. They let sexy Princess Peach costume in Bayonetta 2. Maybe they’d let Doomario.

8:39 PMCodeNameZI’m fine with ports. I dont own a PS4 or X1 so getting ports is good for me

8:39 PMSean SharpeWe’re getting Wolfenstein II late because comes out the same day as Super Mario Odyssey.

8:40 PMjordan thompsonis it safe to assume that we all make that pennywise face at …….. KITTENS “like Andrew”

8:42 PMjordan thompsonso Skyrim on switch can we speculate on a fallout 4 on switch since the Nintendo bathesna connections been made

8:43 PMSean SharpeAt first I thought Fallout 4 on the Switch could be awesome… But then I realized it wouldn’t have mods and that means settlement building wouldn’t be a fun.

8:43 PMSean SharpeSo I’ll just go back to the PS4 version.

8:43 PMMixtape TroyPlease let us know how IT is, Andrew lol

8:44 PMSean Sharpe*as fun

8:44 PMjordan thompsonslurp slurp …… KITTENS!!!!

8:44 PMCodeNameZFallout on the go? The Switch will be soldout up to 2020

8:45 PMSean SharpeFallout 4 is the second worst Fallout though

8:45 PMSean Sharpe(I still love it because I’m a Fallout fanboy.)

8:45 PMSean Sharpe…Fallout: New Vegas on the Switch though… I’d buy it a third time.

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