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Niantic Announces New Kid Friendly Login, Immediately Takes It Away From Kids

Niantic KidsYesterday, Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, announced a new product aimed at giving parents better control over how their kids use Pokemon Go, and potentially other Niantic games. Niantic Kids is a login system developed in partnership with SuperAwesome. It is billed as a away for parents to manage what their kids can do.

Parents can register with Niantic Kids to manage their child’s privacy via the parent portal. Niantic Kids helps you review and approve your child’s permissions before they can play and provides options to control the personal information shared in Pokémon GO.

They don’t mention any specifics here, but the consensus among parent of kids who play Pokemon Go is that this could mean that Niantic is finally going to let parents decide if their under 13 kids can use the friend feature.

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Quick Thought: Pokemon Go’s Latest Update Sucks Eggs

Pokemon Go's Eggs Have a ProblemI don’t have the time nor inclination to write up a full blown 800 word article on this, but I still wanted to share my thoughts. So introducing the first Random Tower Quick Thought. These are meant to get something that is nagging me off my chest and to spark a conversation. You don’t have to confine the whole conversation to the opening topic either.

On Monday, December 12, Niantic dropped its latest update on Pokemon Go players. Many people, such as myself, were expecting Gen 2 Pokemon to arrive. Well, they kind of did that. Instead of dropping the entire Gen 2 catalog on us, they gave us just the baby pokemon, minus Tyrogue. However, you can’t catch these new pokemon in the wild yet. You can only get them from hatching eggs. Sounds cool at first.

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Pokemon Go’s Buddy System Wants You To Walk 400 Kilometers To Evolve A Magicarp

Pokemon Go's New Buddy System

Get ready to walk your feet off. Pokemon Go really thinks you want to walk 400 kilometers to evolve your Magikarp. Distances for pretty much every other pokemon are also comparable.

Yesterday, Niantic released its Buddy Pokemon update. With this update, you can assign one pokemon to be your “buddy”. As your buddy, the pokemon appears next to you in your profile and next to your headshot. As you walk, your buddy has a distance meter that fills up. When full, you get one solitary candy.


My Pokemon Go Experience A Month And A Half In

Pokemon GoI have been playing Pokemon Go since the game launched in early July. The game has had numerous ups and downs, as can be easily read about on other sites. I am not here to give a review of the game or tell you about all that. What I want to do is document my experience playing this game.

When I say play, I mean that in the loosest meaning possible. There is little play to this game. You toss pokeballs at the mons, tap furiously at the screen in gym battles, spin pokestops, and select options from menus. Not much else. But that is not what makes the game interesting. It is finding the pokemon in your daily lives in real locations. That doesn’t work out for everyone though.

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There Ain’t No Stopping Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Last week sparked the largest fitness fad to hit the world since Wii Fit by Nintendo. I don’t think it was entirely intentional on the part of the Pokemon Company or Niantic. But I also don’t think that it was entirely unexpected. But that isn’t the only result of the launch of Pokemon Go either. People are also getting fresh air and making new friends.

I have been playing Pokemon go for almost a week now and I must say that my kids and I have not had this much fun walking around the neighborhood and the park in a long time.