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Elementary, My Dear Holmes Is Legit According To Kickstarter

Elementary, My Dear HolmesEarlier today, we reported on the concerns that the two successful Ouya Kickstarter projects were scams. While there were some rather strikingly large pledges for Gridiron Thunder, we felt the concerns over Elementary, My Dear Holmes were a bit overblown.

Well, we can now confirm that Elementary is legit. At least as far as Kickstarter is concerned. Sam Chandola, the project creator, has been very open about those concerns and had requested an investigation from Kickstarter. In a comment on the Kickstarter, he confirmed that Kickstarter doesn’t feel any real concern over the backers and their pledges.

Hey folks!

Update: I have just heard back from Kickstarter on our query regarding the backers. They say that it is possible the first-time backers are Sherlock Holmes fans from our outreach, or the ones that came from our personal network and friends of friends.

Having said that, they also suggest that we continue promoting our project in case those pledges do not go through or if there are any issues. We still have 15 days to go to raise funds and despite all that has happened, our commitment to Elementary is as strong as ever thanks to the support we have been received from our backers. Even if some of the accounts/pledges do not go through for any reason, Elementary is in a good position to keep going strong.

So I guess we can put this conspiracy away and focus on what really matters, having a great looking adventure game coming to the Ouya and later Linux. Seriously. This game looks awesome and the people making it are great. If you haven’t already backed the project, you should.


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