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Ouya Responds To Kickstarter Controversies

Ouya Console ControllerDuring the controversies over the potential for the two successful Ouya Kickstarters being scams, Ouya has remained mostly silent. Their communications have mostly been a simple congratulatory note toward both Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes. People have been pressuring Ouya for more and they have now relented.

In a forum post at the unofficial Ouya Forums, one admin posted the message he was given by Ouya representatives. While this message will not satisfy the demands of those seeking Ouya’s blood, it does put a definitive statement down for Ouya.

Hi Eddie – Thanks for reaching out. We’ve seen the controversy around the games and we’d love if you would let the community know a couple of things:

  1. We’ve heard our community’s concerns and appreciate their interest in OUYA not being scammed.
  2. OUYA has not contributed monetarily to these two games or any other games participating in the FreeTheGames fund program.
  3. As of now and as far as we know at this point both Gridiron Thunder and Elementary My Dear Holmes comply with our rules and regulations so we will be moving forward with funding. If that changes, we will let you know as we always do.
  4. We really just want to support game development while bringing great content to OUYA – this was our full intention with the Free The Games fund and we hope that spirit is embraced.

The second point pretty clearly states that Ouya has not been propping up either campaign. While this is simply Ouya’s word for it, it closes that conspiracy for the time being. That is unless those claiming “scam” have evidence to support the idea that Ouya is responsible. As it stands, the only evidence points at no clear perpetrator.

The other three points are just restatements of other communications received not just from Ouya, but also the campaign creators and Kickstarter themselves.

Again, nothing here is going to silence the most vocal of Ouya’s critics nor those calling shenanigans over the two successful Kickstarters. But at this time, neither campaign is backing down from their position that everything is on the up and up. They may be silent, but that is not an admission of guilt.

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