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Molehill Mountain Episode 56 – Andrew’s Revenge

After ditching Andrew twice in the last month, he has decided to get his revenge and forced me to solo the show for the next two weeks. Well, he is on vacation and won’t have internet anyway.

In this episode, I share my impressions of the first 4 episodes of the Castlevania Netflix show.

Then I talk about what I thought of the SNES Classic Edition announcement.

Finally, I have some personal thoughts and feelings about game development.

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Nintendo To Release SNES Classic Edition This Fall

If you follow Nintendo hardware rumors in any capacity, it likely won’t come as a surprise to you, but for everyone else, I hope this is great news. Nintendo will be releasing a SNES Classic Edition this fall, September 29. This will be pretty much the same concept as the NES Classic Edition but with a few modifications.

The big changes are that it comes with 2 controllers instead of one, it will only have 21 games instead of 30, and finally it will be priced at $80 instead of $60 plus $10 for a second controller, as was the NES Classic. I personally don’t find these changes as too much of a surprise.


Molehill Mountain Episode 45 – Scar Wars

EZK and Andrew discuss Nintendo, Star Wars and Marvel TV shows.  You know, the important stuff!

19:07 – What if Nintendo allowed indie devs access to their IP?

32:34 – Did the NES Classic Edition have to die so that the SNES Classic Edition could live?

34:52 – Kylo Ren’s facial scar in Last Jedi doesn’t line up with the wound he received in Force Awakens. How much do we care?

50:30 – We discuss the first trailer for the Cloak and Dagger TV show

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Which games should be included on a prospective SNES Classic Edition?

SNESIn November, Nintendo will release the NES Classic Edition, a mini retro console that comes pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games for about 60 bucks.

Being the silly gamers we are, we’ve of course got our eyes set on the presumed next big thing, an SNES Classic Edition!  On the last podcast, EZK and I each proposed a lineup of 30 awesome SNES games for just such a console.  You’ll find our choices along with a compilation of our readers’ most requested titles below.

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